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Australian online betting sites are becoming more popular with punters each year due to the vast amount of choice now available but if you would have asked me a few years ago which were the best Australian online betting sites I would have advocated only one or two, the simple fact is that in this day and age with the relentless pace of improving technology regarding mobile betting apps and online betting software you can now use many different betting websites and mobile betting apps and be happy with you choice.

How Do You Find The Best Betting Sites?

First and foremost for any punter who spends time gambling online or via a mobile betting app has to be the user experience and how individual betting websites or mobile betting apps perform, speed and ease of use is everything. There is little point in offering huge sign up deals and great bonus bets if punters get frustrated every time they visit, sooner or later the punter will up sticks and look for a better alternative.

Luckily for punters over the last eighteen months most online bookmakers have come on leaps and bounds in both areas and I wouldn't have any issue in recommending any of the sports betting sites we have reviewed here at Get On for punters who are either new to online betting or have been gambling for a period of time and are looking for a new online bookmaker to place their bets with.

Mobile betting apps are becoming one of the most important areas within the online betting arena as punters especially the younger breed now place the majority of their sports bets via a mobile betting app and due to this we have seen a huge increase in online sports betting over the last few years. Mobile betting apps offer the punter more options, more value and ease of use which betting via the TAB just cannot match.

Online betting sites have quickly come to realise that punters are looking for a mobile betting app that is easy to navigate, doesn't freeze and has the ability to place bets quickly and in general most mobile betting apps now meet these requirements with the majority having a similar look and feel to them with little or no performance issues.

The second most important area to concentrate on when you're looking for the best betting sites for your needs has to be what we as punters can gain from using any particular bookmaker via their online sports book or mobile betting app, we have outlined some of the key areas below.

Best Australian Betting Sites

  • Matched First Deposit
  • $500^
  • In Bonus Bets
  • First Bet Match
  • $501^
  • In Bonus Bets
  • Matched First Deposit
  • $100^
  • In Bonus Bets
  • First Bet Match
  • $250^
  • In Bonus Bets
  • Matched First Deposit
  • $502^
  • In Bonus Bets


  1. Sign Up Bonuses.

    One of the main areas punters can profit from online sports betting is the many sign up deals on offer to initially sign you up. Unfortunately for people who reside in either VIC, NSW, SA or WA the grass as they say is greener on the other side as your states are very limited in taking advantage of these bonuses and specials but for people residing outside these four states there are masses of sign up bonuses and bonus bets at your disposal.

    All online betting websites offer some form of sign up bonus to eligible states and some of the deals are well worth a look, in fact it's my philosophy to sign up to all creditable sportsbooks just for this reason. Ranging from $100-$700 over nine or ten bookmakers an eligible punter can accumulate thousands of dollars in free bets if they so wish.

    State - Types of inducements that are prohibited:


    • Sign up bonuses e.g. $100 bonus bets or $100 first deposit match.
    • Money back or bonus bet specials e.g. cash back if your horse runs 2nd or 3rd.
    • Enhanced odds for a limited period or bet amount e.g. $2 lines (max bet $50) or Best Tote + 20% (max bet $50).


    • Sign up bonuses e.g. $100 bonus bets or $100 first deposit match.


    • Sign up bonuses e.g. $100 bonus bets or $100 first deposit match.
    • Money back or bonus bet specials e.g. cash back if your horse runs 2nd or 3rd.
    • Enhanced odds for a limited period or bet amount e.g. $2 lines (max bet $50) or Best Tote + 20% (max bet $50).


    • Sign up bonuses e.g. $100 bonus bets or $100 first deposit match.

    All sportsbooks listed by Get On follow the Interactive Gambling Act 2001 and relevant Gambling Policies set out by each state.

    So after we have established if we are eligible for the sign up bonus on offer we then need to have a look at the bonus type as not all bonuses are the same and different bookmakers have differing variations. We have outlined a few different types of sign up bonuses below which you will need to take note of as if you get your bonus wrong it could cost you hundreds of dollars.

    Matched Deposit Bonus.

    This sign up bonus I find is one of the best bonus deals offered as for every dollar you deposit initially your chosen sportsbook will match up to a specified amount. As an example if you deposit $200 you will receive $200 in free bets, some sites will let you split this amount into several free bets while others will give you a one off free bet of the initial deposited amount.

    First Bet Match.

    This one you have to watch out for as you may be entitled to up to $500 or more but this is dependent not on how much you deposit initially but how much your first bet amount is. If you deposit $500 on your first deposit to claim the full $500 first bet match you must stake the whole $500 on one bet to receive your free bet of the same value, if you only stake $30 of your initial $500 you deposited you will only receive a $30 free bet.

    Percentage Bonus.

    These are the new flavour of the month and for the small punter they are the best by far. On sign up if you deposit the specified amount you will received a huge bonus that can triple or even quadruple your initial deposit, an example would be that if you deposited $20 you would receive $60 in free bets if the sign up offer was 300%.

    Terms And Conditions.

    With any sign up bonus there will be specific terms and conditions, one of the major ones to look out for is the turnover of any winnings resulting from your bonus bet, the majority of online bookmakers stipulate that you have to turn your winnings over at least once with your bet being priced at 1.5 or greater.

    There are one or two bookmakers that will let you withdraw your bonus bet winnings straight away while others will stipulate you have to turn bonus bet winnings over twice or even three times so bare this in mind when choosing which sites to join.

    All sites have their terms and conditions outlined for punters, as an example we can look at Ladbrokes Terms and Conditions, Ladbrokes have an excellent how to section for beginners.

    So when signing up to any online betting site make sure you know which sign up bonus they are offering before depositing and which bonuses you are eligible for.

  2. Bonus And Free Bets.

    Bonus bets have been around for a few years but in recent times the bonus bet market has been shaken up a little with even better offers available to punters as sportsbooks ramp up the fight to attract new customers, all the best F now offer some form of promotional markets throughout the week in which punters are eligible for bonus bets.

    Please be aware almost all market specials have a set criteria of t&c's including stake limits usually capped between $50-$100 and in most cases only your first bet on a specific market is eligible.

    A few of the most popular bonus and free bets are outlined below:

    Money Back Refund - 2nd or 3rd.

    This type usually applies to a fixed odds bets placed on horse racing markets, if your horse runs second or third then you will receive a money back refund up to the nominated amount.

    Another variant of this includes trifectas, if two of your selections finish in the top three then your stake will be returned up to the nominated amount.

    If you like your quaddie's don't worry these are often covered also with a stake return if you miss out on the last leg.

    Bonus Bet Refund - 2nd or 3rd.

    Following the same principle rules as the money back specials as above but instead of your steak being refunded you are awarded a bonus bet, the difference here in regards the money back refund is that you have to turn your bonus bet over before you are eligible to withdraw.

    Multi Insurance - Money Back.

    These cover various sports including soccer, AFL, NRL and basketball, if you place a four leg multi bet and only one leg loses your stake will be refunded up to the nominated amount.

    Premium Price.

    On selected markets most online betting websites now offer inflated prices throughout the week, again there are restrictions to this type of special with a maximum amount and one bet per market.

    $1.95 Lines.

    This type of special is great for the avid NRL, AFL and NBA followers out there, both teams with fixed odds of $1.95 no matter the form guide, great value to be had here as in some cases one of the teams should be well under the $1.95 fixed price quoted.

    Scoring Margins.

    Again another great money back special for the AFL and NRL fans out there, place a bet on a selected market and if your team scores over the specified amount of points and loses you will either be refunded your stake or awarded a bonus bet.

    There are a few more out there that crop up from time to time but these are the staples that you will see week in week out from the best betting sites, keep an eye out for them and check a few sites before placing a bet on a specific market as one sports betting site may cover the market you are gambling on while another may not.

    One way to check the current specials along with the terms and conditions on an event is to navigate to the promotions page of the sportsbook, an example of this would be the Ladbrokes Promotions currently on offer.

    So don't forget to check out what bonus bets or money back specials are being advertised for your market.

  3. Find The Best Odds.

    Once you have set up accounts with a few if not all of the bookmakers available to you it's always good practice that when deciding to have a flutter on a certain market to check which online betting site is offering the best price possible for your selection in your chosen market.

    Finding the best odds may seem little or insignificant but it's well worth the effort especially if you are placing an anti-post bet on horse, harness or greyhound racing or a tournament bet on sports as the difference in price can be huge on certain markets between different betting sites.

    If you have not yet opened more than one sports betting account then why not check our betting site reviews section out.

    Ante Post Racing And Sports Tournaments.

    As an example I will now look at a current futures market a see if there is any significant difference for a couple of runners or participant. I will use three bookmakers which will be Ladbrokes, William Hill and Sportsbet which I believe to be the three biggest online bookmakers in Australia.

    My market of choice is the running of the 2016 Golden Slipper at Rosehill.

    All three betting sites have Capitalist as the current favourite but straight away we can see a discrepancy in price that if you were looking to back Capitalist would see your potential winnings differ depending on which site you chose to bet with.

    Ladbrokes have Capitalist at 3.60, William Hill 3.40 and Sportsbet 3.0 so for a level $100 stake if you bet with Ladbrokes you would be $60 better off than betting with Sportsbet and $20 better off than gambling with William Hill.

    Calliope is another interesting one with a four point swing depending on who you bet with, Ladbrokes are offering 13.00, William Hill 15.00 while Sportsbet will give you odds of 17.00.

    Again for a level $100 stake you could take home an extra $400 by gambling with Sportsbet than if you chose to place the same bet with Ladbrokes.

    You will find the majority of ante-post markets will look the same as this example, not just on racing events but also sports markets so it is well worth spending a little time having a quick look around a few online gambling sites and finding the best odds available.

    Here we will have a look at the racing futures from Ladbrokes ante post markets.

    Racing Products.

    If you more of a horse racing punter then there are many products on offer from leading bookmakers that again if you take a little time to look you can reap the rewards.

    Most bookmakers now offer Best Tote or SP on all Australian thoroughbred races. If you see this option it basically means you will be paid out if your horse wins the best of the three tote dividends or the official starting price.

    There are a few names for each bookmakers individual take on the product so take the time to have a look.

Online Betting Sites Comparison Table

Sign Up Offers


  • Price Boost
  • Cash Out
  • Live Racing
  • Live Sports
  • Top Tote
  • ATM Card
  • Refer a Friend
  • Competitions

Deposit Match^


First Bet Match^


Deposit Match^


First Bet Match^


Deposit Match^



  1. Bookmaker Margins.

    If you are new to sports betting one of the areas you may want to take a closer look at is how Australian bookmakers price their markets.

    bookmakers margin (anything over 100%) is applied to all markets that they offer up to punters, typically bookmakers would price up an event between 103%-105%, this however doesn't guarantee that the bookmaker will make a profit from every event due to the weight of money in each event not being even but what it does do is put the odds in the bookmakers favour even before the event has taken place.

    Ideally the shrewd punter would look for any betting markets that come as close to 100% as possible and while it may not be an easy task if you shop around several bookmakers and compare prices across selected markets.

    You may well find that certain bookmakers have priced a selection or selections higher than others and it may well be possible to combine selections from several bookmaker markets to swing the percentage in your favour and there is always the potential although seldom seen that a combination of multiple markets on the same event could even form a combined market under 100% which would enable the punter to bet on every selection and no matter the result a profit would ensue.

    So when looking at ante post markets and racing products always shop around, you will be surprised how much some bookmakers differ in price.

  2. Competitions.

    Another key area for me is whether or not they have competitions running throughout the year. Some competitions are free and some you have to pay a fee to enter but they offer huge prizes and span across different markets including horse racing, golf, AFL, NRL, cricket and soccer.

    The main area these competitions focus on are tipping but you will also have the occasional fantasy league thrown in there for good measure. These types of tipping or fantasy leagues will run throughout a season or tournament but there are a couple of weekly and daily competitions you could be eligible for but the prizes are minimal.

  3. Form Guides.

    Take a close look at the form guides provided especially if your focus in on racing. Some of the form guides provided excel across all codes of racing while others are limited at best and some Australian betting sites only offer thoroughbred guides and stats. The more information you have at your fingertips the better in regards to gambling.

    The very best betting sites offer excellent additions to the form guide including runner comments, speed maps, race predictor tools and easy to follow graphs. Recently online bookmakers have added more and more features to their form guides to give the punter as much information as possible and now even offer expert racing tips.

  4. Sports Betting Blogs.

    In recent times there has been a big effort to accommodate the punter with as much information as possible on a daily basis on upcoming events and the best way to accomplish this for online betting websites is through their very own sports betting blog. Within these blogs sports betting sites can preview sporting events and give a detailed account of each runner or participant along with any betting tips.

    Some of the best blogs to emerge have also gone one step further and now have weekly podcasts for the most popular Australian sports as well as the three codes of racing. If you are new to online betting one of the best ways to get accustomed to a new sportsbook is to check out the self help section within the blogs as quite often there are many video tutorials to help you on your way with all the main betting features covered.

  5. ATM Cards.

    Following on from mobile apps ATM cards have emerged over the last few years enabling punters who like to bet on the go the option of withdrawing their winnings if they are down at the local having a flutter, not all Australian betting sites offer this feature but most of the best ones offer their own debit card and it's a good option instead of messing about at the terminals in a crowded pub.

    Most punters will have at least one hard luck story were they have been waiting to get their bet on only to miss the start of the race and their selection goes on to win, with the combined options of mobile betting apps and ATM cards you never have to miss a race again.

  6. Live Streaming.

    Live streaming is one of the newest things to be offered to punters regarding online betting but this is still in it's infancy and has a long way to go before every marketplace is offered due to television rights already in place. Victorian thoroughbred racing is the only one currently accessible in the racing sphere and it will be interesting to see if any other Australian states follow suit.

    The majority of sports streams available are from overseas markets with sports such as tennis and soccer being the main two showcased and until we have the option of watching more home grown sports and all three codes of racing the jury will still be out on how beneficial live streaming is to an Aussie punter.

  7. Cash Out Feature.

    Many of the top Australian sports betting websites are now offering a great new feature enabling punters to cash out in play on single bets or during legs of a multi-bet. For single bets if your side is winning but it's a close game you could choose to still gamble some of your money while cashing out partially on the bet.

    If you have placed a multi-bet and your first few teams have already won you can decide to omit your last or last couple of selections in the bet or you can take some of the money back and let the rest ride hoping your gamble pays off and the last selection or selections in the bet win.

    It is a great question to ask yourself should you stick or should you gamble? Is it worth gambling your profit you have already made?

  8. Refer A Friend Scheme.

    Once you have found your sportsbooks of choice and you're happy with the way they performs both online and via their mobile app check your account options and see if they have a refer a friend scheme. Quite often the leading bookmakers will offer bonus bets for any friends you refer to them, on average they will give you $100 for every friend you refer.

Find The Best Australian Betting Sites Online At Get On

Other Key Areas Of Note.

Advertising is another area that springs to mind, if you don't know that a great feature is being offered then you cannot take advantage of it. The top Australian betting sites always have a big media presence either on television, radio and now recently also target Facebook and Twitter account holders. Weekly emails are the standard now in which they give details of all the current offers running, usually these are sent out Thursday or Friday prior to the weekends big events.

In recent times online sportsbooks are now sending SMS messages to account holders informing them of current deals. There is an option in your account settings to either activate or deactivate notifications via these methods so if you think they are bombarding you with junk then just turn them off.

Last but not least and this is not so much an issue these days as every sports betting website has realised over time they lose customers if they have poor customer service. Most sites now offer a live chat, email, phone and help sections to punters in regards to any problems they may have regarding their accounts.

I have not come across any betting agency in the last few years that hasn't upped their game regards customer service, deposit options and speedy withdrawals.

A handy tip that will stand you in good stead when gambling online is to do your research especially if you come across a new Australian sports betting site, it only takes two minutes to do a quick Google search about any new online betting agency and the time spent could save you a whole lot of trouble down the line.

It doesn't happen often but occasionally you hear terrible stories of punters having trouble withdrawing from their betting accounts or not receiving their sign up bonuses or bonus bets and only after numerous attempts contacting the betting sites admin do punters get whats owed to them , occasionally this is the case with the biggest sportsbooks but a quick email or a chat with an operator via live chat will have your funds deposited post haste.

Within these outlined areas a punter can gain free bets on sign up, better odds on their selections, free bets on selected markets if your bet loses (following the terms and conditions of the offer) and last but not least free bets when you haven't used a betting site for a while.

All the betting agencies we promote on Get On will offer all these features and more either to gain your business or reclaim your business, again I cannot stress deeply enough the need to have as many betting sites as possible in your arsenal as each site you sign up to will offer you a first deposit bonus of some kind when joining but they will also throw you a bone every now and then if you don't bet with them for a while.

I generally only use three or four online betting sites but I hold accounts with all the sportsbooks promoted here at Get On because I know if I stay away from the majority of online betting agencies once I have used them eventually I will get an email offering me a free bet match if I deposit usually around the $50-200 mark.

Free money is free money and you will be pleasantly surprised how many times you will see one of these juicy emails in your inbox.

Unfortunately for punters who reside in VIC, SA, WA or NSW you will not be able to take advantage of ANY sign up deals. The laws are a little different for bonus bets and money back specials once you have signed up but each punter will have to check if they are eligible for those different types of bonuses.

Due to these restrictions any residents of those four states may find their choice of preferred betting agency may differ to those Australians who are entitled to more bonuses as they will put more emphasis on software, performance, better odds and feature rich betting sites.

Quick Guide To Our Reviewed Betting Sites.

Below is a quick summary of each bookmaker reviewed here at Get On, all of the Australian betting sites we have reviewed have years of experience within the gambling industry and are trusted and secure.




Ladbrokes are a well established betting agency worldwide and having broken into the Australian sports betting market a few years ago they are quickly building a reputation as one of the best betting sites in Australia. Originally Ladbrokes bought a small operating agency namely Bookmaker back in 2013 and another acquisition quickly followed with the purchase of Betstar in 2014, both these two agencies are currently still trading but the odds are it won't be long before they are both integrated into their larger more well known brand.

Ladbrokes are always looking for ways to improve a punters betting experience and they are definitely a market leader when it comes to new betting products to entice prospective new punters to sign up to their sportsbook.

Ladbrokes cover all three codes of racing both here and abroad with extensive coverage of major worldwide sporting markets while also offering a wide variety of fixed priced, tote, in-play and ante-post options for most events. Ladbrokes also offer their members a special feature called Price Boost which allows punters to ramp up their selections odds when available on an event.

Weekly specials are a big thing with Ladbrokes, they offer many bet refunds and bonus bet options each week giving their punters more value for their money and more incentive to place bets with them and not other competing bookmakers.

Ladbrokes run several competitions throughout the year which are free to their members, the prizes on offer are not as big as some of the others out there but there are less participants so you have a better chance of winning.

Ladbrokes Australia is an excellent betting site for either novice or seasoned punters and they rate highly in all departments with an impressive slick online sportsbook and one of the best betting apps on the market. Ladbrokes also offer the option of an ATM card to withdraw your winnings anywhere, anytime.

For more information check out our full Ladbrokes review.


William Hill

William Hill

William Hill like Ladbrokes are relatively new to the Australian betting industry but they are one of the biggest betting agencies in the world and have been for many years mainly plying their trade in the European market. William Hill initially bought out Tom Waterhouse back in 2013 and soon set about rebranding the acquisition once their own brand had been established, another small betting agency came with the deal namely Centrebet which has also now been amalgamated.

William Hill are a sports betting site that always thinks outside the box when it comes to promotions and new features offering up new and exciting weekly specials and bonus bets to their members on a regular basis making them a definite front runners in this area.

Both William Hill's mobile betting app and their online platform in regards performance are second to none, it may not suit everyone's tastes but I think their online sportsbook is the best in the business with the way it is structured. Their racing and sporting coverage not only here in Australia but abroad is second to none and with William Hill's extensive live streaming options that are available a punter can place a bet sit back and watch their bets with just a few clicks.

William Hill offer a wide range of racing products including fixed price, tote, best of the best, ante-post and in-play betting with premium prices offered to punters across selected racing and sporting markets. William Hill are also one of the Australian online bookmakers that offer punters their very own ATM card allowing you to withdraw your winnings anytime at ATM's across Australia.

William Hill run a select few competitions each year but generally when they do they offer up huge cash prizes if you're lucky enough to hit the jackpot, some of these competitions are free while others are structured around placing a bet on a certain market and it is these that have the potential to make you a millionaire.

William Hill are already making their presence felt in the Australian marketplace and are certainly one of the best options for punters if they are looking for a new betting platform.

For more information check out our full William Hill review.




Sportsbet are probably the most well known online sportsbook in Australia due to their market presence throughout the online betting boom but not all will know that Sportsbet are now actually owned by the Irish betting agency Paddy Power who are one of the major players in the European market.

Sportsbet have been the biggest online betting agency in Australia for a number of years but the pack are closing in and Sportsbet are well aware of this and have made great strides themselves in recent years to improve the punters betting experience with new software, a top notch mobile app and fresh new features.

Sportsbet are also on the ball regarding weekly bonus bets and money back specials and they cover the most popular Australian sports along with the best that the rest of the world has to offer. With betting products to match any rival they have every angle covered when it comes to fixed price, tote, in-play and ante-post markets.

Sportsbet are way out in front when it comes to competitions with their AFL and NRL Million Dollar Tipping competitions, you may not win the competition outright as it is fierce with many punters entering but there is $10k offered up each round and you never know one day you may just be lucky.

One of the best features from any Australian online betting site is the Sportsbet Punters Club, this is great if you and a few mates like throwing in a few dollars a week and having a bet between your group. Sportsbet's blog is also one of the best in the business with sections on tipping, video tutorials and lengthy previews on upcoming sporting events.

While the other Australian sports betting websites are closing in Sportbet are still one of the best around, if you haven't already opened an account with them you may want to rectify that as you may well be missing out.

For more information check out our full Sportsbet review.



Bet365 are again one of the European contingent of sports betting companies that have thrown their hat into the ring in recent times here in Australia and they too are reaping the rewards due to their previous exploits in the betting industry. Some of the software tools Bet365 have at their disposal are light years ahead of what any other Australian sports betting site has to offer making their betting platform and mobile app stand out to any punter that gives Bet365 a go.

As all the best sportsbooks Bet365 offer fixed price, tote, in-play and ante post betting but for punters who like to have a dabble at the odd Quadrella then why not take a look at the similar tote options offered up for the British racing markets namely Placepots, these are great multi bets than can pay a high dividend for a small stake.

Bet365 are the only online betting site you will ever need if you like betting in-play due to their extensive coverage of all the major sports across the world, some of the software tools they have at their disposal are light years ahead of what any other sports betting website has to offer. Their live streaming options are also the best in the business which will not come as a surprise when you think that both of the points mentioned go hand in hand. Even if they do not have the stream available Bet365 have an in-depth match stats centre giving the punter all the latest information on any given market.

Due to their dominance in the areas mentioned above you can forgive Bet365 for the minimal amount of weekly specials and bonus bets they offer up each week to punters and they are definitely a betting site you should go and have a gander at if you haven't already done so.

For more information check out our full Bet365 review.



Crownbet is one betting site that is ready to challenge all the big boys and potentially take over as the biggest sports betting website in Australia. Crownbet is part of James Packer's business empire and since their launch only a few years ago Crownbet have not only got their foot in the door of the sports betting industry here in Australia they are trying to kick the door down with huge sponsorship deals and an impressive marketing strategy across many sports. Packer and his Crown associates bought out an existing betting agency namely BetEasy late in December 2014 and a quick rebranded with a whole new look, software and mobile app turned Crownbet into a serious player in the betting industry.

Crownbet offer punters excellent new features and betting products that compete with any rival and as you would think they cover all the leading racing and sporting markets with many betting options regarding fixed odds, tote, in-play and ante-post markets. Crownbet have placed a huge emphasis on daily specials and bonus bet refunds which is one of the main reasons a few of their betting rivals have had to follow suit in a bid to compete with Crownbet.

Crownbet also offers a few streaming options to it's members including AFL Vision which is an exclusive live stream to Crownbet.

Another area Crownbet has dominated recently is free competitions for punters offering huge cash prizes along with points in the Crown rewards scheme which all Crownbet members are eligible for. Unlike other betting sites Crownbet not only run tipping competitions for the usual sports they are also including regular race meeting competitions.

All in all Crownbet have arrived and they are here to stay and if you haven't already had a look then it will be well worth your time to check them out, a solid website and an ever improving mobile betting app with some cool new features is more than enough to put a smile on any punters face.

For more information check out our full Crownbet review.




Luxbet are a well established online sportsbook backed by one of Australia's biggest betting agencies namely TABCORP and have been serving Australian punters for nearly a decade making them one of the longest standing sports betting sites in Australia. In recent years they have upgraded software for both their online portal and mobile app and both designs are aesthetically as good as anything in the business keeping them in the mix with the more well known sports betting websites.

Luxbet offer the punter plenty of choice when it comes to promotions, weekly specials and bonus bets and they generally always have one of the best sign up deals in the market. Depending on the time of the year Luxbet will either offer a percentage bonus or a large matched deposit bonus. One feature that Luxbet offer to punters that not all betting sites allow is the splitting of bonus bets into smaller amounts which I feel is a big plus especially for the smaller punter.

Like so many these days Luxbet offer the punter a vast array of markets to bet on both here in Australia and around the world with plenty of options for fixed price, tote, in-play and ante-post betting. Check out the blog prvided by Luxbet as it is packed with juicy incites into both the racing and sporting spheres.

Luxbet unfortunately do not offer up much in relation to competitions but they are certainly well worth a look if you are on the hunt for another sportsbook to add to your arsenal.

For more information check out our full Luxbet review.




Unibet is another one of the European contingent of sports betting sites that are now plying their trade in Australia, they moved into the Australian betting marketplace way back in 2012 after acquiring a small betting agency namely Betchoice. Unibet's slogan "By punters, for punters" highlights their ethos very well as they are always striving to make the punters betting experience a smooth and painless one. Their online betting platform is one of the best laid out in the business with and they incorperate several features including an in depth form guide and blog.

One key factor that could sway any punter to join Unibet is the fact they they are one of a select few sports betting websites that allow eligible sign up bonus customers to actually keep their initial bonus bet returns in whole including their bonus bet stake if their bet is successful unlike the majority of other online bookmakers who will only pay out a punters winnings and not the stake of the bonus bet.

Like Bet365 Unibet is one of the leading market players when it comes to in-play betting and live streaming offering up many sports across the globe with free to view events so if you like to place a bet and watch your selections Unibet is well worth a look. They also offer extensive coverage with fixed odds, tote and ante-post markets.

With Unibet's focus being all about the punter it will come as no surprise that they offer up many types of bonuses through weekly specials and bonus bet refunds to eligible members and although they are not as well known as some of the big market players they are well worth a look.

For more information check out our full Unibet review.




Palmerbet are one of the smaller betting agencies in Australia but they are Australian owned and they are steadily building a reputation for themselves as another solid alternative to the bigger betting agencies. Formerly track side bookmakers in Sydney with over thirty years experience the Palmer family moved into the online sports betting market back in 2013 and are now well established. They may not have all the bells and whistles as some of the bigger sites but they have a solid online platform which has just seen a bit of a facelift and their mobile app is not too far behind some of the big boys when it comes to functionality.

Palmerbet offer a wide range of weekly specials and bonus bet features which will match any of their bigger rivals, they also have several features to help a punter including a blog and bet book.

As you would expect from one of the smaller operators Palmerbet are a little behind when it comes to in-play and live streaming options but apart from those two areas they pretty much have everything else covered when it comes to fixed odds, tote and ante-post markets.

The more the merrier when it comes to betting agencies in your arsenal to take advantage on any bonuses you may acrew along the way if you are eligible so take the time out and go a visit Palmerbet, they may not become your number one option but you may find yourself using them from time to time.

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Mad Bookie


Mad Bookie are relatively new to the online betting world but they are quickly adapting to the marketplace and they are now a good alternative to some of the bigger bookmakers especially if you're looking for a site that is Australian owned. Mad Bookie have recently revamped not only their online portal but they have also upgraded their mobile app in the process which for a time was lacking a little functionality if you were to compare it to some of the best on the market.

Obviously being one of the home grown smaller operators you are never going to have as many dynamic betting options as some of the big international companies but Mad Bookie certainly offers enough to keep punters interested and they are always looking to improve their quality of service when it comes to promotions, features and specials.

Unfortunately Mad Bookie still do not offer up much in the way of live betting and streaming but it would not surprise me that at a later date this is something they will also address somewhere down the line, fixed price, tote and ante-post markets are now on a par with the rest of the industry.

Like so many of the smaller bookmakers Mad Bookie are pushing hard to be recognised as a solid alternative for punters who are looking at other options when it comes to placing their bets and while they are still not up in the top echelons they have certainly come along way in a short period of time and are well worth a bit of respect.

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TopBetta again are one of the new kids on the block and as like so many of the small players in Australia they are Australian owned trying to compete with the big established international outfits. As others before them they have quickly adapted and put things right with functionality issues regarding outdated software and now both their online betting platform and mobile app are on a par with the majority out there meaning the punter can enjoy their betting experience while using TopBetta.

One thing that makes TopBetta stand out over their rivals is the fact they have chosen a slightly different angle to entice potential new punters due to their weekly tournament offerings. TopBetta have modeled their tournament play on the draft series that we often see in the American marketplace due to their tight restrictions regarding online gambling and due to this they have gained quite a following which has flowed over to their sportsbook with new customers loving the fresh concept here in Australia.

TopBetta have still to come to the party regarding live streaming and they too have limited options when it comes to in-play betting but they do offer solid options for fixed price, tote and ante-post markets.

If you are into tipping and fantasy leagues you will certainly feel at home joining the ever growing TopBetta clientele for these two reason alone but now you get the best of both worlds with their ever expanding and improving betting options now available.

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Finding The Best Australian Online Betting Sites - Summary.

So there you have it, with all the information at your disposal you should have no trouble in finding the best Australian Online betting sites and their current bonus bet deals and weekly specials.

Gambling in Australia has for a long time been a popular pass time for many but please remember gambling is called such because no matter how much information you have at your fingertips it is always a gamble when placing a bet. Gambling should be treated with respect and never bet more than you can afford.

Please Gamble responsibly, if you think you may have a problem with your gambling there are people who can help.

Get On - Responsible Gambling Self Check Sheet.


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